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Our Programming

The goal of our programming is for students to successfully graduate high school, enroll in a postsecondary education, and complete their degree on time. Programming is designed to 1) academically prepare students for their post-secondary education 2) develop strong emotional/mental skills through a Social-Emotional curriculum 3) build leadership skills and strong self-esteem 4) develop a strong bond with their mother/guardian throughout their educational journey.

Program Journey

Preparedness Program
(6th - 10th Grades)

We start early to prepare students for academic, social, and emotional success. We host group meetings throughout the school year where our coordinators deliver our social-emotional education curriculum to students at their campus. The Preparedness Program aims to build the student’s social-emotional skills while guiding them in planning their college career.

Participation Program
(11th & 12th Grades)

Participants continue to receive social-emotional group meetings while also commencing the college application process with close guidance from a Con Mi MADRE coordinator. The Participation Program prepares and guides students to submit their post-secondary application.

Success Program
(Undergraduate years)

We continue to help students reach their goal of a postsecondary degree by them supportive guidance and academic advising services. The Success Program also offers multiple workshops per year that cover career development, school belongingness, and financial counseling. The Success Program aims to prepare students to complete their degree and enter the workforce.

Supplemental Opportunities
Out-of-School Events

Con Mi MADRE offers multiple opportunities to  engage students and their caregivers outside of school. These bilingual events aim to foster parental involvement in their child's educational journey. These include college trips, a wellness conference, a college & career fair, and mother & daughter bonding activities.

Parent Programming

Con Mi MADRE invites parents or guardians of those enrolled to attend evening or weekend workshops. Programming is centered around parenting, college prep, and navigating life obstacles.

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