Con Mi MADRE Volunteer Spotlight 2017

Veronica Rosas Fernandez
"Supporting Con Mi MADRE is a very personal experience for me. My community, beyond my parents, helped me achieve my college education, and giving back is helping so many others in my community do the same. I support Con Mi MADRE to bring about meaningful change in the lives of our young Latina's." - Veronica Rosas Fernandez, #ConMiMADRE Board Member.

Leonel Romero
"I deeply believe in Con Mi MADRE’s mission and I'm proud to see the impact they're already making in the Latina community. I am more than happy to be able to support them in their efforts to empower young Latinas to achieve their educational and career goals. As a first generation Hispanic college graduate, I can relate with the struggle of learning a second language and integrating into a new culture. This sometimes blinds us from the opportunities that await. Ed Catmull once said ‘If you don't strive to uncover what is unseen and understand its nature, you will be ill prepared to lead.' Con Mi MADRE is lifting the blinding veil and is preparing Latinas to become future leaders!" - Leonel Romero, #ConMiMADRE Corazòn Awards and conference volunteer.

Itzel Okumura
“This program has been a part of my life for almost 10 years now! I want to help the program provide the same positive impact it has had in my life for other young women and their mothers.” - Itzel Okumura, Research volunteer and Con Mi MADRE alum.

Sally Hernandez
"As a morning news anchor, it's ironic I read and write for a living. My mom couldn't do either one. She struggled with that secret her whole life and I struggled to break the cycle. Going to college changed my life and no one believed in me more than my mother. She was my biggest fan. I think about that every year I emcee the Corazón awards as I cheer on the mothers and daughters helped by Con Mi MADRE. It resonates with me because Con Mi MADRE is me.” – Sally Hernandez - KXAN, Anchor, and #ConMiMADRE Volunteer.

Irais Romero
"I love volunteering for Con Mi MADRE because I feel great knowing that I am helping other young girls attain a higher education. Volunteering with the Con Mi Hermana program is showing my gratitude to Con Mi MADRE and being able to give back to my community." Irais Romero - Con Mi Hermana Mentor and Con Mi MADRE Success student.

Maria Cantu
"Being able to give back to my community in any way is extremely important. I grew up with wonderful people such as social workers, teachers, etc. that worked with my family and I and motivated me to be the best I can be and to keep moving forward no matter the obstacles. The world has given so much to me and now it’s time for me to give back to the world in any way possible. Empowering people to keep going and do their best is a way for me to give back."- Maria Cantu, Social Work student at St. Edward's University - Class of 2018 and Con Mi MADRE Intern.

Patricia Zarate
“I am very passionate about volunteering with Con Mi MADRE because doing so allows me to continue learning new skills-skills that will allow me to positively impact people’s lives, while simultaneously developing and refining the ones I already have. My overall life experience has served as a huge validation of my true-life passion which has always been to serve my community. Through my volunteer work with Con Mi MADRE, I have strived to empower each and every individual and served as role model to my 3 children to reach their fullest potential. My hope is that through my example they will develop a passion to serve the community and leave their own lasting impact.” – Patricia Zarate, #ConMiMADRE mom and #ConMiMADREVolunteer

We are Mothers And Daughters Raising Expectations since 1992.

Erica Lopez
"I am passionate to serve as a volunteer for Con Mi MADRE because I strongly believe and support their mission, which is to empower young Latinas and their mothers through educational and support systems. As Chair of Hispanic Women's Network of Texas - Austin Chapter we have awarded educational scholarships to the talented future Latina leaders of Con Mi MADRE. HWNT- Austin is proud to support an outstanding organization and together we can move mountains." – Erica Lopez, Chair of HWNT and #ConMiMADREVolunteer

Javier Valdez
“I’m a first-generation college graduate, the son of immigrants. I have a mother and sister. I'm passionate about education and about helping the young ladies we serve at Con Mi MADRE get their education." - Javier Valdez, Board Chair - Con Mi MADRE.

Mariana Zamora
"I am passionate about volunteering with Con Mi MADRE because I see the outcome for young girls when community members invest in their education and well-being. CMM’s work is critical in empowering women with the skills, knowledge, and confidence necessary to make real change in their communities. It is beautiful to stand back and see the growth of these young ladies, and know that our future is bright." - Mariana Zamora, former Con Mi MADRE intern. Mariana is a Master of Social Work (MSW) student at Texas State University and along with volunteering in the community, she enjoys traveling and watching documentaries.

Rudy Mejia
"I work with CMM to influence generational change and to bring down racial / gender barriers that have limited our girls for too long. With the right guidance, I believe that our girls can achieve anything they put their mind to." – Rudy Mejia, Con Mi MADRE Board Member and Chair of Con Mi MADRE’s 1st Annual Golf Tournament.

Valeria Vallejo
“I am a proud Latina that loves to serve my community anyway I can, at Con Mi MADRE I see strong committed women who believe in themselves. Working together with them and their mothers, I felt empowered and excited to remind our people how capable we are of growing into the leaders of tomorrow.” - Valeria Vallejo, BSW student. Valeria is a Bachelor of Social Work student at The University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work. Thank you, Valeria, for sharing your commitment with Con Mi MADRE. We are honored!

Alexis Adauto Ferguson
"I'm a big Con Mi MADRE fan because I believe education is the great equalizer. However, it's CMM's holistic approach that I personally love. Bringing up strong Latina women isn't just about getting them into college, it's giving them the edge despite economic, demographic and geographic hurdles by helping them navigate the crazy teenage years. This program does that and more. I'm so proud to be a part of what's happening with Con Mi MADRE. I look forward to our continued success!" – Alexis Adauto Ferguson, Con Mi MADRE Board Member, 2016 Corazón Awards Chair, and 2017 Corazón Awards Auctions Chair.

Robert Maldonado
“My passion stems from my parents always encouraging me to help others and with my technological and entrepreneurial skills I have been able to give back in a big way. The mission of Con Mi MADRE means a lot to me, having a strong Latina mother and sister who always inspire me.” – Robert Maldonado, IT Specialist with MBUtek LLC Thank you Robert for sharing your skills and expertise with #ConMiMADRE and being a presenter at four of our conferences. YOU inspire US!

Sarah Saenz
“Volunteering with Con Mi MADRE allows me to fulfill my Serviam spirit in a way that positively impacts the lives of young Latinas and their families. To provide the best opportunities for the next generation of Latina leaders, we must come together and support organizations that are committed to the academic success of our youth. Con Mi MADRE has an impressive record of uplifting young Latina women and empowering them to reach for their goals. I am proud to support their efforts to provide enriching opportunities for girls to succeed.” – Sarah Saenz

Katherine Guillory
"I continued volunteering with Con Mi MADRE after my initial internship and came back for a second internship because I really believe in the organization's mission. The staff stays true to that mission and are very passionate about the success of our Con Mi MADRE mothers and daughters.” – Katherine Guillory, MSSW student.

Sonia Cuero
“Volunteering and advocating for Con Mi MADRE impacts my daughter's future as well as all the mothers and daughters who participate in the program. Since my initial involvement and participation in the fall of 2011, I've had a front row seat to Con Mi MADRE empowering young Latinas to pursue and succeed in college.” - Sonia Cuero, #ConMiMADRE mom and conference presenter.

Denise D. Hernandez
“I’m passionate about volunteering with Con Mi MADRE because Con Mi MADRE is devoted to the academic success of our young Latinas. When we unite and inspire our future generations to obtain a higher education, we ensure real progress and change in the community. Con Mi MADRE is doing this on a daily basis and creating future Latina leaders along the way!" - Denise D. Hernandez

Vanessa Fuentes
“Volunteering with Con Mi MADRE was the spark that ignited real change in my life. By seeing first-hand, the passion and commitment of the girls and their mothers have for education, it was the call to action that I needed to reaffirm the importance of equitable and affordable education. Education and family are my top priorities and I make it my mission to empower the next generation of female leaders. Con Mi MADRE sets a high standard of an organization with heart, and I'm proud to be one of the many volunteers committed to advancing its mission.” - Vanessa Fuentes

Griselda Ponce
"I jump at any chance to encourage the next generation of brilliant women leaders and each time I do, I am awed by their enthusiasm and that of their incredibly supportive mothers! It's truly rewarding to extend a hand to guide a future leader and see them blossom through the Con Mi MADRE program. When the girls thank me, I say, NO NO, THANK YOU for coming, being and embracing what Con Mi MADRE has to offer! – Griselda Ponce, Ponce Law Firm, P.C.-Immigration Attorney, Con Mi MADRE Board Member. Gracias Griselda for your deep commitment and generosity to Con Mi MADRE’s mothers and daughters! (Photo: Left, Denise D. Hernandez and right, Griselda Ponce assisting a student at a #ConMiMADRE College and Career Fair.)