We are Mothers And Daughters Raising Expectations. 

Prepare. Participate. Succeed.

Con Mi MADRE‚Äôs Success program, focuses on helping girls reach their ultimate goal of a post-secondary degree. Con Mi MADRE staff work with entering 1st year college students and continues to work with them  six years post-secondary towards the completion of their degree. Staff addresses concerns that arise during college, including financial aid issues, housing issues, home sickness, and other issues. Girls enrolled in the Success program will receive assistance through college workshops and 1-on-1 meetings giving them the skills to excel in their college journey. During holiday breaks, Con Mi MADRE hosts events that bring girls together so that they can network and learn from each other. Con Mi MADRE is a leader among programs striving to promote education and achievement among students in Central Texas. While other organizations offering educational supports exist, Con Mi MADRE is one of the oldest in Austin and is unique in its focus on Hispanic girls and strong, committed family involvement. Most programs have eligibility requirements, such as being enrolled in specific schools, having an income below a certain level or not having parents who have a college degree. However, Con Mi MADRE works with girls from a variety of backgrounds and attending schools both in state and out of state. 

1-on-1 Meetings

Girls meet with the College Persistence Coordinator in a need basis to talk about issues that might be arising. These meetings can be held via skype, text messaging, phone calls, or face to face. 


Workshops occur twice a semester and cover topics such as course enrollment, college life skills and financial aid education. 

Networking Events

These events are held at the end of each semester. This is a time for the girls to celebrate their accomplishments, unwind and network with each other and the Con Mi MADRE staff. 


Con Mi MADRE will be awarding five scholarships each in the amount of $1,000 to qualified program participants enrolled in the GRAD program.

Post-Secondary Success (Undergraduates)