We are Mothers And Daughters Raising Expectations. 

Prepare. Participate. Succeed.

Campus Meetings

Group meetings where girls meet with the staff in an informal setting for conversation that keeps the staff apprised of the girls’ plans, activities and concerns and helps reinforce important messages discussed at the conferences, such as how to be assertive or setting boundaries with friends and how o handle stress. Campus meetings are held twice a month in 7 middle schools and once a month in 6 high schools.

Community Service Projects

​Provides girls and their mothers with opportunities to spend time with each other while making difference in the community. Middle school teams are asked to log 15 hours each year in service to their community, while high school girls and their mothers are asked to log 20 hours. Mother-daughter teams can attend volunteer opportunities organized by Con Mi MADRE or volunteer through their church, school or charity of their choice.  

Healthy Living Camp

A 4 day camp where students discuss nutrition, participate in physical activity and practice stress reduction activities. This camp is held during the summer.

Individual Counseling

​This service is provided by qualified Con Mi MADRE staff. Girls can receive this assistance at the student’s school, which provides counseling space at no charge to Con Mi MADRE.

Mother-Daughter Conferences

Saturday conferences which focus on issues such as strategies for maintaining grades, dealing with peer pressure, developing healthy self-esteem, setting goals, and understanding the benefits of a college degree.

Parent/Family Engagement Series

Activities for parents to explore topics related to becoming an active force in their daughter’s education. Parents will learn about the importance and benefits of a college education for their daughter, effective parenting skills for raising adolescents and teens and assimilating to a new culture while preserving the family’s rich Hispanics heritage. 

Summer Leadership Summit

This chaperoned activity is held on The University of Texas at Austin campus, where students spend the night in a college dormitory. While all grades attend together, middle school girls have a special track to learn team building skills, build tools for good self-esteem, and discuss topics that derail them from academic success, High school students focus on leadership skills and college and career exploration.

Post-Secondary Preparedness (6th through 10th)