We are Mothers And Daughters Raising Expectations. 

Prepare. Participate. Succeed.

College Academies

Sessions for incoming seniors where they research colleges, write college essays, create college resumes, and learn how to make their college application stand out. Nine summer sessions are held during the school year and four sessions are held during their senior year.

College Exploration

Students, staff and volunteers take a group of girls and moms to tour Texas universities during school holidays and  the summer. Each year Con Mi MADRE hosts three to four college visits. Students explore which school fits their personality and their families’ goals. Con Mi MADRE recommends that 10th and 11th graders attend these visits, but the program is open to all high school students. Mothers and daughters have visited the campuses of The University of Texas, Rice University, Texas State University, St. Edward’s University, Texas A&M, Texas Christian University, Texas Women’s University, Trinity University, and St. Mary’s University.

Financial Assistance

Con Mi MADRE offers financial assistance to cover SAT/ACT testing, college application fees and A/P testing for Spanish. This help is available to girls who do not qualify for a waiver, but have financial hardships in paying these fees. As a final incentive for participating in Con MI MADRE, seniors who have been active since their induction are eligible for need and achievement based scholarships. Each year, graduating seniors receive thousands of dollars in scholarships directly from Con Mi MADRE.  

Senior Advisors

Volunteers work one-on-one with high school seniors to help them make good choices and decisions about applying to college and submitting financial aid and scholarship applications. Advisors work with high school students through the final year of high school and the transition into college.

Post-Secondary Participation (11th - 12th grade)