Program Structure

"I am excited to be in the Success program because Con Mi MADRE helped me become successful...I also knew I would need people to talk to because I am the first person in my family to attend college."

-Maricela, 2013 Participant 

“This program helps me spend more time with my mom because we go to conferences and volunteer in the community together.”

-Stephanie, 2013 participant

"Con MI MADRE has shown me that you cannot .succeed alone, and  that my mom and dad are a big part of my life."

-Melody, 2013 Participant 

Post-Secondary Success (Undergraduates)

Con Mi MADRE's Success program, focuses on helping girls reach their ultimate goal of a post-secondary degree. Con Mi MADRE staff works with entering 1st year college students and continues to work with them six years post-secondary towards the completion of their degree. Staff addresses concerns that arise during college, including financial aid issues, housing issues, home sickness, and any additional obstacles participants may face. 

Post-Secondary Participation (11th through 12th grade)

Understanding the college application process is frustrating for many families who have no experience with higher education. Con Mi MADRE provides direction to girls and their families on becoming a competitive college applicant: finding the right college: applying and gaining entrance into the college of their choice; and identifying, applying for and securing scholarships. 

Post-Secondary Preparedness (6th through 10th grade)

Services for 6th through 10th grade girls focus on helping them maintain academic success, build self-esteem, and planting the dream of higher education. Early intervention allows Con Mi MADRE to help families understand the importance and benefits of college in time for them to set goals and make real changes to support their daughter’s education. Both girls and their parents need to enter the high school years with higher education clearly in their sites. Con Mi MADRE also seeks to strengthen the parent-child bond. Children begin to distance themselves from their family during adolescence, and efforts to preserve that bond must not be delayed to be effective. 

Compassion. Leadership. Empowerment.


Program Focus

Con Mi MADRE is unique in that it focuses on strengthening the mother-daughter bond while providing support and educational opportunities for both daughters and mothers. 

Con Mi MADRE's continuum programming allows participants to decide which projects and services meet their needs. Services for girls are age and grade appropriate and topics address the social, mental and academic barriers that prevent them from attaining their educational dreams. Services for parents work to create a family culture that values education, embraces a college degree as an achievable dream for their daughters, and supports parents in raising a young Latina. 

All services, activities, and materials offered by Con Mi MADRE are bilingual and presented in a culturally competent manner, honoring the girls' Hispanic heritage.

Program Structure