Does my daughter have to be in 6th grade to join the program?

No, we accept students into our program up until the summer before their senior year (12th grade). 

Does my mother have to join the program with me?

Yes, however, we understand that not every family is alike. Therefore, if your mother is not present you are able to join the program with your father, aunt, uncle, grandma, guardian, etc. Con Mi MADRE strives to connect and build a strong bond between an influential adult, whoever that may be, and the student. 

Do we have to be Hispanic to join the program?

No. Con Mi MADRE is a program that strives to be culturally relevant. Therefore, most of our programming is presented with a Latino audience in mind, including speaking and presenting in Spanish. However, being of Hispanic descent is not a requirement for joining our program.

How much does it cost to join?

All of our programming is offered at no cost to our participants. Yes, that's right, all of our college trips, overnight stays, and everything in between is free of charge to our participants.

If we apply, are we automatically enrolled in the program?

No, each application submitted to Con Mi MADRE is reviewed for completion and fulfillment of requirements. Participants are notified when they have been accepted in the program via mail. 

Do we need to meet certain requirements in order to apply?

Yes. The student applying should be able to provide their most recent report card indicating they have a 2.5 GPA or higher. Participants must also sign a contract indicating that they will participate in 10 hours of conference/workshop hours with Con Mi MADRE and commit to 15-20 hours of community service. 

How do we apply?

If your student is in the 5th grade, ask your counselor to see if Con Mi MADRE will be hosting a recruitment meeting at the school. Your child will receive an introduction to Con Mi MADRE and meet one of our staff members. At that time they will receive an application to be filled out. 

If Con Mi MADRE will not be hosting a recruitment meeting at your school or if your child is no longer in 5th grade you may download the application below and mail or fax it in. 

Con Mi MADRE Application (English)

Con Mi MADRE Application (Spanish)

Can my other daughter join? 

Yes, multiple members of your family may join Con Mi MADRE. However, you will need to fill out an application for each student. 

What requirements must we fulfill in order to continue with Con Mi MADRE?

Each year you and your daughter must commit to completing 10 hours of conference/workshop time, 15-20 hours of community volunteering, and your student must maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher. 


Frequently Asked Questions