"I get to use my personal experiences...to empower young Latinas..."

Dr. Teresa Granillo

I graduated from...

The University of Arizona with a Bachelors in Psychology. Additionally, I earned my Masters of Social Work, Masters in Psychology and Ph.D. in Social Work and Psychology from The University of Michigan. 

Before joining Con Mi MADRE I was...

a Tenure-track Assistant Professor at the University of Austin in the School of Social Work.

I joined Con Mi MADRE because...

I am a Latina who grew up with a single mother who didn't have an education. My mother encouraged me to do well in school and pursue post-secondary education. While I didn't have a Con Mi MADRE, I had many mentors outside of my family that helped me throughout high school, college, and graduate school, and I owe my success to them. Thus, I believe whole-heartedly in Con Mi MADRE's mission. I am proof that with the right guidance, support, and mentorship, even Latinas from low-income families can achieve great things in education. For 10 years I have been doing research on finding ways to improve the lives of young Latinas, to provide them with opportunities to be healthy (physically and emotionally), happy, and successful. When presented with the opportunity to serve as the Executive Director of Con Mi MADRE, it was like a dream come true! Now I get to use my personal experiences and knowledge to empower young Latinas and their mothers to fulfill their dreams of obtaining a college education and having a successful career. 

3 Fun Facts About Me:

I own a Vespa, I love to run around Town Lake with my dog Sophia, and I couldn't live without peanut butter and chocolate.

Telephone: (512) 232-8433

Email: teresa@conmimadre.org

Executive Director